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ATS Nobility Floor Plan


ATS Homekraft Nobility Floor Plan

Floor plan for ATS Nobility has been a key factor for its popularity among the buyers. "Two Apartments per floor" and "Only One Neighbour" has been the main tagline of our promotional campaign. The floor plans and the layouts are been very much liked by the customer because they have been designed by Mr. Hafeez Contractor.


Homekraft Nobility Floor Plan Description

The typical floor plan is of 1675 sq. ft and we are offering 3 BHK + Servant within the mentioned size. These are the parameters below :

Saleable Area (in sq. m): 155.60 sq. m.
121.23 sq. m. (Built-up Area)+34.37 sq. m. (Common Circulation+Services)
Carpet Area : 94.76 sq. m.

Saleable Area (in sq. ft.): 1675 sq. ft.
1305 sq. ft. (Built-up Area)+370 sq. ft.
(Common Circulation+Services)
Carpet Area : 1020 sq. ft.

The floor plan has been designed in such way that both the apartment in the floor enjoy equal amenities that too without congestion. This has added luxury to the project. Each floor plate does have two lifts and two stairs for two apartments which has never been earlier in any project. Do visit ats nobility master plan and burj noida master plan of the project for clear understanding of the planning of the project.